Embrace the Cloud...
 Embrace the Cloud...

Cloud Services for every business 


Robert Lever Consultancy offers the following services:

Cloud Training

Learn what Cloud can do for your Company.

RLC offers you Overviews, Seminars and Training on the current Cloud Technologies in the marketplace, including independent advice on Cloud product comparisons, the benefits and pitfalls, how much you need to spend (and need not to spend), and the likely future directions on the industry.

Infrastructure Assessments

The quality, flexibility and security of your IT Infrastructure has a direct impact on your business performance.

Working together with your in-house team, we analyse your IT infrastructure in order to identify inefficiencies and vulnerabilities. We then deliver a vendor-independent strategic development plan to match your expected growth and budget needs.

Cloud Readiness Review

We can also review your total requirements and opportunities with regards to adopting Cloud services, including :

  • Current application readiness and portability
  • Staff training and re-assignment
  • Data security assurance
  • Projected compute power requirements
  • Projected Storage requirements
  • Projected Network & Connectivity requirements
  • Software licence migration & downsizing
  • Maintenance contract downsizing

This review can include a full assessment on which Cloud solutions, from all vendors, are suited to you and available within your budget, what savings you can expect over the next 5-year period, and a detailed project plan of how to transition to Cloud.

IT budget planning

Through staged transition to  modern Private, Public and Hybrid Cloud technologies, Robert Lever Consultancy can help you deliver more IT functionality with minimal capital expenditure.


The potential savings in infrastructure, software, licence fee and maintenance costs that Cloud offers are dramatic, and staff can be readily redeployed from routine non-core-business tasks to projects which offer your company a competitive edge.


The shift from a CAPEX-dominated IT budget to an OPEX model means costs are more easily managed and tailored to changes in usage levels, freeing up capital to be used on more business-related projects.

Disaster Recovery Planning

We can design and implement Disaster Recovery (DR) systems to suit your business requirements and budget, from cold standby systems, through warm and hot standby solutions, to genuine active-active systems running production simulataneously across twin sites.


Over 70% of businesses without DR solutions fail in the 12 months following a major disaster such as a datacentre fire or flood. Make sure your company isn't the next victim.

Business proposals for CSPs

Does your Company want to set up as a Cloud Service Provider to generate new income? RLC has extensive experience in all aspects of setting up a new Public Cloud service, including hardware & software selection, architecture, staff recruitment and training, costing models, pricing models, marketing, standards, processes & procedures and vendor and account management.

Additional Services

  • Cloud Product Development and Marketing
  • Cloud Migration
  • Datacentre Migration
  • Security Reviews
  • Infrastructure Upscaling
  • Replication Solutions