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June 2019

Microsoft and Oracle announce cloud interoperability services which will couple Azure-based applications with Oracle database services via Direct Connect links between Microsoft and Oracle datacentres. 

May 2019

AWS announce AMB, a managed blockchain service which is geared towrds open source frameworks such as Ethereum and HyperLedger Fabric.

April 2019

Dell launch the Dell Technologies Cloud Platform, which integrates VMware cloud services on Dell platforms to provide a hybrid platform for client datacentres and edge locations, integrating to AWS or other public cloud platforms which support VMware.

March 2019

The World Wide Web, based on a design by UK engineer Tim Berners-Lee, is 30 years old this month.


Google suffers a world-wide storage outage on the same day it announces a new up-front-payment plan for reserved instances of storage.


Backup specialists Carbonite buy Webroot to beef up their security and VPN features.

February 2019

Google announce CSP, a method of running Kubernetes containers on-site as a part of a hybrid cloud solution.


Google also acquire cloud migration company Alooma.

January 2019

Microsoft wins a $1.7 billion 5-year US Department of Defence contract for software development. The DoD's $10 billion "JEDI" cloud is still being contested between Microsoft and AWS.


AWS announce 46% year-on-year sales growth from Q3 2017 to Q3 2018,. Their 34% market share is bigger than their nearest four competitors combined.

December 2018

VMware acquire Kubernetes support consultancy Heptio for $550m.

November 2018

Amazon launch AWS Outposts - an applicance which runs either native AWS or VMware Cloud in the client datacentre, allowing easy intergration with AWS public cloud.

October 2018

AWS announce three availability zones to go live in South Africa by Q2 2020.


IBM acquires RedHat in a deal worth $38 billion, and instantly becomes the biggest Hybdrid Cloud provider in the world. IBM promises to continue RedHat's Open Source philosophy. 


The UK Ministry of Justice announce that it will migrate key IT systems to public cloud, cutting IT budget requirements by 60% in the process.

July 2018

Dell announces return to the public market after five years as a private company. VMware to remain independent.

June 2018

Microsoft begins a proof-of-concept experiment with an under-sea modular datacentre in the North Sea.


Microsoft acquires DevOps repository specialist GitHub for $7.5 billion, but promise to maintain the open source nature of the company.


HPE announce partnership with Global Blockchain Technologies in a joint venture in pooling cloud storage resources on GBT's Laser Network.


Microsoft introduce Azure Standard SSD - cheaper SSD storage for Azure customers.

May 2018

Cloud storage provider Box introduces multizone support to cater for GDPR legislation requirements.


Google launch Google One solution, offering up to 30TB of storage.


AWS and Rackspace both launch Kubernetes services.

April 2018

AWS launches Blockchain-as-a-Service solution.


Microsoft introduces "serverless containers" for Azure.

March 2018

IBM release a new raft of security software based on containers and blockchain technologies, to cover both Cloud and On-premise environments. 

February 2018

Intel open up their Bug Bounty rewards programme to all security researchers, in response to the fallout over Meltdown and Spectre.


Oracle announce the extension of their AI / Machine Learning facilities, which support automatic repair and patching, beyond their Autonomous Database to their entire PaaS portfolio.

January 2018

Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities identified in the speculative execution functions of Intel, ARM and AMD processors.


IDC forecast global spending on Cloud services to reach $160bn in 2018.


Google announces machine learning developers tool AutoML.   

December 2017

Redhat annual revenue up 22% to just under $3Bn.


Global IaaS and PaaS markets reach $35 billion. (Jeffries)


Gigtech announce new low-entry Edge Applicance to be available from Q3 2018.

November 2017

IBM launch Cloud Private software, a private cloud solution based on Kubernetes, Docker and Cloud Foundry, to simplify hybrid cloud adoption.


Google launches Chatbase, a chatbox analytics platform, and introduce per-second billing to compete with AWS.


RackSpace acquires managed service provider DataPipe, to extend it's ability to migrate legacy apps to the Cloud and allow customers access to Chinese CSP Alibaba.


Amazon launches AI consulting programme for AWS customers, and a managed Kubernetes service (AECS).


Microsoft launch Azure Migrate, a tool to automatically migrate in-house VMware workloads into Azure. The solution is not supported by VMware themselves.

October 2017

Amazon and Microsoft partner up to create Gluon, a new open-source Artifical Intelligence software library.


Google and CISCO announce a new Hybrid Cloud partnership to compete with the recent similar initiative from AWS/VMware.


Microsoft launch a managed Kubernetes service (AKS).


Amazon now offer per-second billing for it's EC2 compute and EBS storage offerings.

September 2017

Oracle announce availability if its new 18c autonomous (self-patching, self-updating) database system will be available by the end of the year. 


Oracle also announce a streamlined Bring Your Own Licence (BYOL) process to assist the migration of legacy Oracle systems into Cloud.

August 2017

A Microsoft security report reveals that cyber attacks on cloud-based user accounts have increased by 300% in the last year.

July 2017

Microsoft finally announce availability of Azure Stack, to be available in September on three platforms (Dell, HPE and Lenovo), with others to follow (Huawei and Avanade).


Google announce hybrid-cloud integration with Nutanix, allowing free movement of VMs and data between the two environments in a similar fashion to the existing AWS-VMware integration. The product should go live in 2018.


Google also announce the People + AI Research initiative (PAIR), which will provide open-source software for Artificial Intelligence research.


Equifax suffers data breach, exposing social security and other details of 143 million customers worldwide. The cause was a missing security patch.

 June 2017

HPE announce new hybrid cloud platform (Project New Stack), which integrates management of private cloud systems (on HP hardware) and a range of public cloud platforms.

 May 2017

Microsoft announce plans to build two datacentres in South Africa, from which it will offer O365 and Public Azure services before the end of 2018.


Nutanix and IBM announce porting of Nutanix's hyperconverged Enterprise Cloud Platform on IBM Power servers.


VMware announce a new enterprise-level Internet of Things solution, Pulse IOT Centre.


Amazon shares hot $1000 mark for the first time ever.


Rackspace acquire ERP Management company TriCore.


Wannacry malware hits over 230,00 computers worldwide. Applying security patches promptly would have prevented the attack.

 April 2017

Ghana Interbank Payment and Settlement Systems Ltd (GhIPSS) are given the go-ahead from the Government to develop a cross-telco money transfer system within 6 months. This agreement replaces the Sibton Switch contract signed in February.


The Minister for Communications in Ghana, Mrs Ursula Ekuful, promises that her ministry will strive to release 5G across the nation in the shortest possible time.

 March 2017

Docker release an Enterprise Edition of its Container software, in both a frequent-release form (Edge) and a quarterly bundled release form (Stable).


IBM release the world'd first Enterprise-ready Blockchain-as-a-Service product.


SAP announce partnership with Google to offer SAP as SaaS on Google Cloud Platform.


Vodafone Ghana release Vodaphone One - a voice/data convergence product.

February 2017

Amazon, Apple and Microsoft sign up to the CMA agreement to prevent unexpected price hikes and service terminations in Cloud.


Microsoft announce availability of Kubernetes on Azure, adding to the already-supported Docker Swarm and Mesoshere DC/O containers.


Tigo and Airtel announce merger of Ghana operations.


Ghana Central Bank appoints Sibton Switch to oversee the introduction of a cross-telco interoperable money transfer system.

 January 2017

HPE buy Hyperconverged platform company Simplivity.


DropBox launch Smart Sync - fast-access Cloud storage for commercial use.


Microsoft Azure quarterly revenue up 93%, IBM Cloud revenue up by 33%.


OneWeb announce huge $1.2bn investment to launch a "constellation" of satellites to provide fast internet access to remote parts of the world.


December 2016

Oracle acquire SaaS Business Apps specialist Netsuite for $9.3m.


Amazon Web Services London datacentre "region" goes live.


Hackers attack the Ghanaian Electoral Commission's election website, posting fake results and forcing an outage of 4 hours until service was restored.

November 2016

Oracle quarterly Cloud revenue up 62% on previous quarter.


Ghana and Nigeria University research teams derive an improved algorithm for compute-sharing on Cloud platforms.

October 2016

The third annual Ghana E-Commerce Expo event was held at the Alisa Hotel on the 27th-28th of October. The event is growing year-by-year and becoming a useful forum for the industry. Some interesting presentations on E-business and Cloud in Ghana, and what might be needed to take the Ghana Cloud/E-commerce sector out of its infancy.


SalesForce buys DemandWare for $2.8bn to become a major E-Commerce player.

September 2016

Google acquire Apigee, and advanced API provider, to give them an edge over AWS's API offerings.


OpenCloudGH launch an in-country Cloud Storage service in Ghana, offering secure data solutions from 15 to 1500GHc per month.


Tigo, in partnership with Microsoft, Lenovo and ITWorx, announce a bundle of connectivity, hardware and business software solutions for SMEs in Ghana.


Gartner predict that the global Public Cloud market to break the $200 billion mark by the end of 2016. The main area of growth is IaaS.

August 2016

RackSpace bought by consortium led by Apollo Global Management for $4.3bn.

July 2016

Privacy Shield launched as a USE-EU data transfer security standard, replacing the defunct Safe Harbor agreement.


Oracle acquire ERP specialist Netsuite for $9.3 billion.


Microsoft announce that delivery of the long-awaited Azure Stack product, which streamlines intergration between their private cloud and public cloud offerings, will be delayed until mid-2017. The shock news was that Azure Stack will only be supported on engineered systems, to be provided by Lenovo, Dell and HP, which is disappointing for many Cloud startups who have already built their own configurations.

June 2016

Microsoft buys out LinkedIn for $26m.

Samsung acquire cloud services provider Joyent, to bolster the Cloud product line for its mobile phones.

May 2016

Agricultural E-commerce specialists Esoko Ghana have been commissioned by the Ghanaian authorities to collect electronic data to identify future Livelihood Empowerment Against Poverty (LEAP) cash transfer recipients within the farming communities.

April 2016

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) goes live in Europe. Businesses have two years to comply.


BlueCrest College hold the inaugural International Conference of Advanced Trends in ICT and Management (ICAITM) in Accra, with representations from heavyweights such as Microsoft, IBM, Oracle and Google. 


IBM Country Manager Angela Kyerematen-Jimoh called for the large multi-nationals to sponsor training in Cloud Technologies for Ghana in order to support in-country Cloud initiatives. She also added that Ghana's banks need to move away from their reliance on server rooms to adopt real datacentres and Disaster Recovery technologies.

March 2016

Amazon celebrate 10 years in the Cloud business.


Google tempts Apple away from AWS and onto Google Cloud in a deal worth around $500m.

February 2016

Spotify choose Google for it's public cloud platform, mainly due to Google's advanced Big Data toolset.


Verizon announces the decommissioning of its Public Cloud services, due to lack of traction in the market.

January 2016

HPE shuts down its Helion Public Cloud service to concentrate on Cloud Management products.

November 2015

Microsoft launch Windows 10 and Microsoft Cloud offers to students in Ghana, at the University of Ghana, Legon.

October 2015

Google commission 800kn of FTTH (Fibre To The Home) in Ghana as part of the Project Link initiative previously deployed in Uganda, in order to develop domestic internet uptake and promote E-Business.